While not expecting this Ghana vacation to be typical in any way like other vacations to Europe, Hawaii or Central America, we had no idea of the rich cultural immersion Kofi could provide during such a short stay. The personal connection to so many local people that Kofi knows, and his understanding of the cultural norms that really are so interesting and delightful for visitors were our highlight. We enjoyed all the various historical, geographical and educational sites we toured, but it was the introduction to, and exchange of ideas with the many different local Ghanaians that we met that riveted our interest and provided memories we hold dear. Especially significant was meeting the students at the Elementary school where we had some time to interact and tell them a little about ourselves. At times exhausting due to the travel, but always so engaging if not for natural wonders but that incredible colorful clothing and the warm smiles on so many of the people we saw. A trip unlike any other. Thanks Kofi for your dedication to make this approachable for the average tourist.

Dean Kleinhans and Susan Hix, MNJanuary 2020

I traveled to Ghana with Kofi and 5 others from January 10th to January 25th, 2017. Kofi provided us with an exciting trip. We spent most of our time in Accra area. We went to the Presbyterian Primary School Kpone Bawaleshe where the students preformed a story illustrating the different areas of Ghana and their importance to the country. Just north of Accra we visited the beautiful Aburi Botanical Gardens. We traveled to Bojo Beach just west of Accra, where we enjoyed a swim in the ocean. We also traveled a few hours west of Accra to the Coconut Grove Beach Resort in Elmina, Ghana. While in the area we went to the Cape Coast Castle and the Kakum National Park. Overall it was a delightful trip with many great memories of Ghana.

Don Dehoff, NYJanuary 2017

There is no need to be apprehensive about a voyage to Ghana! You will meet the most inviting and welcoming people who are genuinely pleased to make your acquaintance. What is enchanting about Kofi's concept is its simplicity--you will visit natural wonders and fascinating places while being feted by people who treat you as if you are part of the family. The itinerary can be designed differently for groups of people with similar interests. For me, highlights included the visit to the Kakum National Park, the stilted river village of Nzulezu and the northern Savanah, where you can tour sacred crocodile ponds and participate in rustic safaris led by Mole National Park rangers who, for a very reasonable fee, will guide you on foot to track & view elephants close up. An amazing experience, not to be missed! Traveling itself in Ghana is an adventure, but if you are fortunate enough to combine touring with a day or two of volunteer work, it will be an even more rewarding journey.

Larry Ross, NYJanuary 2020

As a native of Accra, Kofi Fynn-Aikins made our tour of Ghana both delightful and memorable. It’s amazing how many experiences we stuffed into ten days, from petting crocodiles to walking in a forest canopy to eating the best Ghanaian food! The most enjoyable experience for me was going to the school in Kpone Bawaleweshie to teach, interact with and visit the children. This tour was not just entertainment – we were able to provide meaningful service as well. Kofi instructs as he goes, too, so we learned far more with him than we ever could have on our own. I highly recommend traveling to the Center of the World with Kofi as a guide!

Kathi Irvin, WAJanuary 2019

My trip to Ghana in support of HOSIKIDS with Kofi was one of the best experiences of my life. Kofi Fynn Aikins, who organized the trip, did a thoughtful and amazing job. The opportunity to interact with young students while in Ghana was absolutely wonderful - I will never forget it! I hope many Americans will take the opportunity to enjoy and better understand this part of the world and it’s beautiful people.

Dave Tilton, VTJanuary 2019

As an African American woman, I always wondered about my identity. Six months before traveling to Ghana, I discovered that my ancestors were from Ghana. Imagine how excited I was to visit! The entire trip was an emotional and spiritual journey. Not only was I welcomed but embraced as a long-lost family member. Unlike many of the people stolen and enslaved who went through the Gates of No Return, I returned home. Through a durbar ceremony, I was draped in ceremonial jewelry by the women of the village, honored by local dignitaries, and given a new name, Naa Dede Bediako. It means Queen, first female child, warrior. The trip struck an excellent balance discovering and unraveling the mystery of Me.

Latise Hairston, NYJanuary 2020

Kofi was a fantastic guide. His intimate knowledge of Accra allowed us to gain a much deeper understanding of the place than would have been true of typical commercial tours. The trip had many highlights, but the most memorable experience was our trip to Elmina B first, for the exuberance and bustle of the harbor (pictured), unlike anything we had ever seen; and second, for the deeply moving visit to the castle, which was a point of departure for the North American slave trade. You will never think about the slave trade in the same way.

Jim Gardner, NYJanuary 2017

My husband and I took this trip to the "Center of the World" in January
2020, before the Covid-19 pandemic. We were excited about this trip to
Ghana because friends knew Kofi who was our personal tour guide. The tour
included diversity between urban Accra to rural life, culture immersion,
infrastructure differences and great food. I was amazed that the females
wore beautiful dresses for all and every occasion.
Kofi does not think of his guided tour as a business. Kofi thinks it is a
great honor to share the "Center of the World" with his guests. Having a
personal tour guide that knows the area and who introduced us to his
family was a wonderful way to experience and see Ghana. In my opinion,
much better than any large tour organization could offer. Travel worry
free with peace of mind. Would I take this trip again? Most certainly.

Gloria Meyer, MNJanuary 2020

My wife and I didn't take much time to seize the unique opportunity to go on the "Center of the World Tour" with some long time friends of ours. . Many features attracted us to it, some being that it was to be a small group of six and the fact that it was a known, English speaking country in Africa, was a plus. The trip offered a good deal of sight-seeing, coupled with meeting people from different economic stratas and the benevolent mission feature made the mix of experiences just right. Being it was an African country, we did not expect and necessarily want to experience a lifestyle like we do in the United States. Our experiences were just that, a bit of a culture shock but we admired the entrepreneurism; everyone was trying to earn a buck, (cedi). Very few people, except for the obviously handicapped, were begging. We had a few inconveniences but we shrugged them off, and chuckled about them then and today., too. If you want a more authentic African experience, Kofi's "Center of the World Tour" is something you will enjoy!

Joel Meyer, MNJanuary 2020

My trip to Ghana was a personally enriching experience that I will never forget. Traveling the country with Kofi, you truly do see all that Ghana has to offer from idyllic beaches and nature preserves to the country’s biggest cities and smallest villages. Kofi’s experience, personal connections, charitable work with local schools, and unbridled enthusiasm for his home country makes him an indispensable wealth of knowledge, an invaluable tour guide, and now a dear friend. I cannot wait to make the trip with him again.

Jay Tilton, DCJanuary 2019